Flora Leather Ankle Boots

Flora Leather Ankle Boots

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Name: Flora

  • Honey-colored leather ankle boots
  • Hand-finished.
  • Made of high-quality leather, 100% natural.
  • Cushioned leather insole and full leather lining.
  • Rubber sole with a non-slip design
  • Ethically made in Ecuador


US EU ECUADOR FEET (length * width)
4 35 34 22cm * 8cm
5 36 35 22.5cm * 8cm
6 37 36 23cm * 8cm
7 38 37 24cm * 8cm
8 39 38 24.5cm * 8cm
9 40 39 25cm * 8cm
  • US: United States
  • UE: Europe
  • Ecuador: D'Cuero sizes
  • FEET: Length * width of foot in centimeters


We usually have most sizes in stock. In case yours is out of stock, we will manufacture it. Please measure the length and width of your foot, then check your measurements in the chart in order to know your size.


Numbers are not exact, but approximate.

  • To properly measure your foot, we recommend standing on a sheet of blank paper wearing regular socks. With a marker draw the outline of your foot. Then measure the length across the very edge of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Measure your width from left to right mention points.
  • If you are not sure of your size, please contact us and we will assist you.
  • If you need an extra width adjustment, please let us know.

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