About Us


Our purpose

We are a global SME. We make shoes in Cuenca, Ecuador and we ship them worldwide! 

We are a brand with purpose. We believe in the talent of our people and we want to show the world what we do: high-quality leather shoes, ethically made by rural artisans in the south of Ecuador. We connect these small producers with the global market, through e-commerce and physical stores, while promoting conscious consuming, fair trade and slow fashion.



Our story

D’Cuero was born as an undergrad thesis project in 2016, when Maria Elisa wanted to internationalize a product made by Ecuadorian artisans at low cost. Her major was on Foreign Trade, so she always wondered why only the big corporations are able to export their products while small businesses are left behind. The idea was to create an online platform as a tool to help small producers of leather shoes to access the global market without the high investments of conventional exports. At the same time, she wanted to create positive social and environmental impact, through sustainable business practices.

In late 2016 the project was selected among 4,000 applicants from 35 countries in Latin America & the Caribbean to participate in YLAI (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative), a fellowship sponsored by president Barack Obama to support young leaders and entrepreneurs in the region. As a consequence of this training, the dream finally came true and was officially launched in 2017. Up to date, D’Cuero has shipped its product to 41 countries and 52 cities in Ecuador.

Our people

  • We work with 30 artisans, 70% of whom are women and mothers who work from home.
  • We provide permanent skill training.
  • They earn fair wages and receive health care benefits.

Our product

  • Made of 100% natural leather, which allows the feet to breathe and stay fresh.
  • High-quality, since it is comfortable, long-lasting and hand-finished.
  • We use organic glues which are non-polluting and we work with certified tanneries in environmental management.

Our motto 

"We believe in people over profit, and quality over quantity."

We love what we do. From material selection to the final touch, we pay close attention to every detail, because we know you care as much as we do. Thanks for helping us improve lives with your purchase!