Our artisans

33 families benefit from D'Cuero. Here you can meet some of our artisans/producers:




Sofia is in charge of cutting leather pieces. She does so very precisely, in order to make the most of the material and reduce waste. Sofia has 2 children and she is married to Jose, who also works with us!


Gladys works on the peeling of the leather, that is, she lowers or roughs the pieces. This means that she eliminates imperfections on the surface and reduces the width of the leather in certain parts which are going to be glued or sewed. Gladys is married and has two children. 


Augusto works at the beginning of the shoe assembly. Specifically, he is in charge of shaping the heels. Augusto is single and has no children.


Simon works on the shaping of our shoes and is very skilled in this task. He has 5 children and he is already a grandfather! His hobbies are volleyball and cycling. 




Ivan is in charge of polishing the leather and marking exactly where the plants should be glued in a later process, so that they fit perfectly to the shoe.


Jose is responsible for gluing the soles of the shoe to the upper part. Jose is married to Sofia (who cuts the pieces) and they have one of their daughters also helping with the gluing of plants to the shoes.


Andres is in the pre-fabricated section, that is, he makes the leather soles and heels. He is one of our youngest collaborators, he is the eighth of 12 siblings and he loves soccer!


Juan sews, sticks labels and prepares the insoles to be placed later by Dora, in the final part of the process.


Dora puts the shoelaces and insoles in the shoes, and she is also in charge of packaging them and placing them in their respective box. Dora has 3 children and is married to Luis, who also works with us in another area.


Silviana is in charge of supervising the production process, from the review of raw materials and supplies, to the distribution of our products.